HUD Says New Rule on Housing Would Put 55,000 Children on the Streets

Public Housing in New York City.

The rules for public housing say that illegal aliens are not allowed to use public housing but there was a loophole added that said if one member of the family is a naturalized citizen or was born in the United States, the whole family can live there.

The first thing you need to realize is that there is not an infinite amount of money so that everyone who qualifies won’t necessarily be approved for HUD grants. Americans who qualify are denied once the money runs out for the year.

Many of those people and their children who are American citizens are living on the streets for the lack of HUD money.

From The Daily Caller

Under current law, illegal immigrants are barred from receiving federal housing subsidies, but families of mixed-immigration status can score these benefits if at least one of the members was born in the U.S. or is the spouse of a citizen. The new White House proposal, pushed by senior adviser Stephen Miller, would require that all family members be of “eligible immigration status.”

“We’ve got our own people to house and we need to take care of our citizens,”  an administration official told The Caller in April. “Because of past loopholes in HUD guidance, illegal aliens were able to live in free public housing desperately needed by so many of our own citizens. As illegal aliens attempt to swarm our borders, we’re sending the message that you can’t live off of American welfare on the taxpayers’ dime.”

An analysis by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), however, determined that half of the residents potentially facing eviction are legal and U.S. children who are eligible for aid, many of them living with their undocumented parents.

Under the new proposal, illegal aliens would no longer be able to sign the lease of subsidized homes, even if they have a legal child who is eligible for prorated benefits.