Hollywood Boycott Backlash in Georgia…40 TV Shows and Movies Filming in State

Hollywood threatened to boycott Georgia over their heartbeat bill that banned abortions after a heartbeat is detected.

Stars and production companies lined up and insisted they would boycott Georgia. But, alas, when push came to shove, Hollywood backed down and this fall 40 TV shows and movies will be filming in the state.

The bottom line with Hollywood is not social justice but money.

Georgia rebates 30% of taxes for production companies. That can amount to an awful lot of money and Georgia is the number one filming location in the world.

This goes to show what happens when you refuse to fold as North Carolina did.

From Breitbart News

In May, several major film production companies, including AMC Networks and WarnerMedia — the parent company of CNN, HBO, and TNT — threatened to cease filming in Georgia unless the “Heartbeat” bill was repealed.

A statement provided by AMC at the time read:

If this highly restrictive legislation goes into effect, we will reevaluate our activity in Georgia. Similar bills — some even more restrictive — have passed in multiple states and have been challenged. This is likely to be a long and complicated fight and we are watching it all very closely.

However, according to the Project Casting report, AMC and The Walking Dead have decided to stay in the Atlanta suburbs to continue filming the hit zombie apocalypse drama.

Netflix’s Stranger Things, which is one of Atlanta’s biggest filming TV shows and questioned filming in the state over the abortion law, has decided to remain, according to the report.

In addition to The Walking Dead and Stranger Things, other films and TV shows, including Netflix’s hit crime drama Ozark and the Eddie Murphy comedy Coming 2 America, have decided to take part in Georgia’s incentive including:

For a full list of the movies and TV shows filming in Georgia this September, click here.