Rumor? Hillary Preparing For a 2020 Run

Hillary Clinton is trying to become the first woman to lose three presidential elections in the history of the country. Trump beat Hillary despite all the doubts that he would keep his campaign promises. That being the case, why would Brunhilda run after Trump has proven himself. Exaggerated self-worth? Maybe she figures if she were to lose again, she could make a fortune on her new book “What Just Happened Again.”

Hillary is pretending to be leading the resistance against Trump, but be honest, has Hillary ever done anything to benefit anyone but herself? She may try to use 2018 to become a kingmaker in order to build alliances for the 2020 election. Although she has said that she would not run again when was the last time you know of her telling the truth?  If she does run, she will not be able to force out most of the candidates as she has in the past and even the Democrats are sick of her.

Hillary has nothing new to offer and I look forward to her becoming a three-time loser.

From The NY Post

And the day after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, Clinton introduced a newly minted resistance partner. Called Demand Justice, it promises to protect “reproductive rights, voting rights and access to health care” by keeping Senate Democrats united in opposing any conservative Trump nominee.

The instant, in-house nature of Demand Justice was reflected by the name of its executive director: Brian Fallon, Clinton’s campaign press secretary.

In truth, Fallon’s role doesn’t tell us something we didn’t know. Onward Together, formed in May of 2017, is a Clinton 2020 campaign vehicle in waiting.

Its homepage says the group “is dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.”

Advancing the vision? More like advancing the candidate who collected those votes despite not having a vision.

With the Democratic Party locked in a battle between its far left wing and its far, far left wing, no single leader has emerged to unite it. Clinton is trying to play that role by being a mother hen to the fledgling activists drawn to politics by their hatred of Trump.