Heidi Heitkamp in Trouble – GOP Lowers The Boom

The GOP is going after Heidi Heitkamp for her endorsement of Hillary’s economic policies and criticisms of Trump’s policies as unworkable. In a state that went overwhelmingly for President Trump, that is not a good thing. Especially since Kevin Cramer has a 4 point lead on her before this became an issue. Should she vote against Brett Kavanaugh, the race is all over.

But for now, the GOP is satisfied with tying her to the policies of Hillary Clinton which are exactly opposite of Trump’s. If the economy keeps improving as it has and if the Democrats keep insisting that the economy needs huge tax increases, especially for the businesses driving the job market, it will be game, set, match. That will be an easy pick up for the Republicans. Look for the GOP to use the same strategy in other races where the incumbent said Trump’s programs would never work.

From The Washington Times

Mrs. Heitkamp is among the most vulnerable Senate Democrats this year. She is defending her seat in a state that heavily favored Mr. Trump against a challenge from GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer, who also has been elected statewide as North Dakota’s only member of Congress.

Mr. Trump recently stumped for Mr. Kramer in North Dakota and blasted Mrs. Heitkamp for siding with every other Democrat in Congress to oppose tax cuts that fueled economic growth

Heidi Heitkamp has stood firmly in opposition to the Trump agenda that’s brought us great economic growth,” said North Dakota Republican Party spokesman Jake Wilkins. “The Hillary-Heidi agenda of higher taxers and harmful regulations is out-of-touch with the needs of North Dakota, and voters will remember that in November.”

The Republicans are expected to widen their control of the Senate from its current 51-49 margin. Let’s see what this gets them.

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