Half of America Thinks Mueller’s Probe is a Witch Hunt

A recent poll finds that the majority of America thinks that the investigation by Robert Mueller is nothing more than a political witch hunt. The count was 53-47. This could be due to the fact that the Mueller witch hunt is winding down and after almost 2 years, Mueller has come up with nothing.

Spending thirty million dollars and only convicting a few people on process crimes and unrelated offenses. I look forward to hearing from Hollywood. Mueller let them down and they may go for the jugular.

On the other hand, they might start the story that Mueller was unable to do his investigation properly because Trump obstructed justice.

From USA Today

Support for the House of Representatives to seriously consider impeaching the president has dropped since last October by 10 percentage points, to 28 percent.

Despite that, the survey shows a nation that remains skeptical of Trump’s honesty and deeply divided by his leadership. A 52 percent majority say they have little or no trust in the president’s denials that his 2016 campaign colluded with Moscow in the election that put him in the Oval Office.

That number does reflect an improvement from previous polls. One year ago, 57 percent had little or no trust in his denials; in December, 59 percent did.

Twenty-eight percent say they have a lot of trust in former FBI director Mueller’s investigation to be fair and accurate. That’s the lowest level to date and down 5 points since December.

In comparison, 30 percent express a lot of trust in Trump’s denials, the highest to date.

“What the Democrats have done in trying to steal a Presidential Election, first at the ‘ballot box’ and then, after that failed, with the ‘Insurance Policy,’ is the biggest Scandal in the history of our Country!” Trump declared in a tweet Sunday night.

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