Gregg Jarrett: Deep State Should Make People Afraid of Their Government

Gregg Jarrett, legal analyst for Fox News and the author of two books on the Deep State and FBI and DOJ corruption. This comes on the heels of the first coup attempt in US history. These people need to be charged with treason and if convicted lined up against a wall and facing a firing squad.

If they get away with it this time, every time a Republican gets elected, we will see more of the same. The funny thing is that Democrats are doing exactly what they always claim conservatives do. In my opinion, Rod Rosenstein was one of the ringleaders and he must pay the price for his corruption.

From Breitbart News

The narrative of “collusion” between President Donald Trump and the Russian state was manufactured by “the swamp” in order to protect the powers of its people, said Jarrett.

“The swamp needs to be drained,” Jarrett declared. “By the way, that was the motivation behind this collusion hoax. The swamp, which had been in control the last eight years under the Obama administration, viewed Trump as a threat. He threatened to drain the swamp and the swamp didn’t want to be drained. There’s nothing in Washington that will motivate you more than the threat of losing power, and that’s why they cleared Hillary Clinton in this scheme and sought to frame Donald Trump.”

The purpose of the Robert Mueller-led investigation, said Jarrett, was to undermine the Trump administration. He also noted the Department of Justice and FBI’s political protection of the Clintons:

The Department of Justice has become so politicized. Hillary Clinton was protected. There was no legitimate investigation of Uranium One. … Her foundation received $145 million from the same Russian sources connected to the purchases of 20 percent of America’s uranium deposits, which was approved by the committee she presided over.

It’s a crime to use your public office to confer a benefit to a foreign government in exchange for money. Hillary Clinton all but put a for-sale sign on the front door of her office as secretary of state, and I’m hoping that William Barr will undertake a serious and legitimate investigation of not just Clinton, but the cesspool of corruption at the FBI and the Department of Justice that allowed this hoax to evolve into a witch hunt. If he presents evidence to a federal grand jury, I suspect there’s a very good chance that people would be indicted.