Gowdy Takes On BOTH Rosenstein and Wray – Easily Puts Them In Their Place

The thing I hate about Gowdy is the way he beats around the bush. Just kidding. He just says what he thinks and if you don’t like it… tough!

Looking at them both square in the eyes, he told both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that he has never seen anyone as biased as they are. Gowdy spent a good five minutes explaining that the Mueller investigation is a sham and should be ended. He also spent considerable time excoriating Peter Strzok, his bias and his texts to Lisa page.


From The Daily Caller

“Two years into this investigation. We’re a year-and-a-half into the presidency. We’re over a year into special counsel,” he added. “You have a counterintelligence investigation that has become public. You have a criminal investigation that has become political.”

The House will vote on a resolution demanding the Justice Department comply with requests for documents and subpoenas from the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees later on Thursday. (That vote was taken and the resolution has passed)

Gowdy also took shots at the Democrats in Congress, stating, “Democrats are using this investigation as a presumption of guilt, which I find astonishing, in the long run, for the health of this republic and encourage them to go back to the presumption of innocence that we used to hold sacred. There is a presumption of guilt.”

The bottom line is that Rosenstein didn’t actually answer any questions and on many of the facts he pleaded ignorance, a plea that I tend to agree with. His open contempt for the law, President Trump and Congress, he displays openly.

President Trump could end all of this by simply declassifying the information congressional investigators want. He has the constitutional power. He needs to use it before all of the evidence falls victim to a glitch.

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