GOP Senators Trash Chuck Schumer for Historic Obstruction [VIDEO]

GOP Senators have recorded a video slapping Chuck Schumer for what can only be described as historic obstruction. Just how bad has the obstruction been? Let’s look at the number of failed cloture votes for former presidents at the same point of their presidencies.

Barack Obama had 12. George W Bush had 4. Bill Clinton had 8. George Bush Sr had 0. Reagan had 0. Jimmy Carter had 0. So, how many has Trump had? 128 failed cloture votes, which is done to delay the confirmation process.

This is truly historic obstruction and we can only hope that if the Democrats ever win the presidency again that Republicans remember this and return the favor in full measure.

From The Daily Caller

Senate Republicans are knocking Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for “unprecedented obstruction” of Trump nominees in a new video Wednesday.

The Senate Republican Communications Center points out in the video, which was provided exclusively to The Daily Caller, that Democratic filibusters on Trump nominees have forced a historic number of cloture votes in the Senate.

The motion for cloture is a tool to limit debate on nominees, and is typically used to end a filibuster or other procedural techniques used by the opposition to delay or block a nominee.

During his first two years in office, President Donald Trump’s judicial and executive nominees have faced 128 cloture votes. Comparatively, just 12 nominees faced cloture votes during President Barack Obama’s first two years. (RELATED: Democrats Will Filibuster Gorsuch Nomination)

That means Trump’s nominees have faced more than 10 times the number of cloture votes than Obama’s nominees.

“For the past two years, Senate Democrats have engaged in systematic, unprecedented obstruction by delaying qualified, uncontroversial nominees,” the video states.