GOP Leader Drops BOMB on Schiff – Points to Committee Rule that Must Allow Republicans Day to Call Witnesses

The Democrats rewrote the rules in order to prevent Republicans to put on a real defense in the impeachment hearings, but as usual their rules overlooked a major point. Their goal was to prevent Republicans from calling major witnesses such as the alleged whistleblower, Alexandra Chalupa and Hunter Biden, but they neglected to change one House rule that allows for the minority party to have one day to call any witness they choose. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy filed the necessary request before the Democrats learned of their mistake.

In his letter Rep. McCarthy cites House Rule XI, Cause 2(j)(1) The Minority Rule on calling witnesses. This rule allows the Minority to call any witnesses they want on at least one day of a congressional hearing, upon notifying the Committee chairman, which the Republicans did this morning.

Here is a copy of the letter.


From The Gateway Pundit

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy posted a letter signed by the House Intelligence Oversight Committee to Pencil Neck Adam Schiff.

Pelosi and her Lawfare crew of condescending coup criminals overlooked the rule and didn’t change or strike it when they changed the other House rules for impeachment!

Here’s the rule in context:

The Minority Witness Rule (Clause 2(j)(1) of Rule XI) – The Minority is entitled to one additional day of related hearings at which to call their own witnesses if a majority of the Minority Members make their demand before the committee�s hearing is gaveled closed.

Let’s see if Democrats break this rule in their race to impeach President Trump.