Giuliani Says Mueller is a Puppet – And THIS is the Puppetmaster!

Rudy Giuliani is at it again… Putting the bogus Russian collusion story where it belongs, in the garbage. But, instead of ragging on Mueller, Giuliani says Mueller is just a puppet. Stating someone else started this mess and is actually pulling the strings.

He says that person is John Brennan. Certainly,  I find this very easy to believe.

If you look up ethics, there will not be a picture of Brennan anywhere to be seen. We already know how he weaponized the CIA against President Trump. Also, we know he was involved in Spygate and the other aspects of the Russian collusion probe. So Giuliani’s accusation does not have much in the way of shock value.

From The Gateway Pundit

Sean Hannity: Do you see crimes?

Rudy Giuliani: Absolutely. I just told you one. The perjury on the affidavit. I was telling you about Hillary crimes a year before Comey outlined them all… She got off in a fixed investigation — run by Peter Strzok! Hah-hah. The dossier is obtained on the day that they dropped the case against Hillary… I’m gonna tell you who orchestrated, who was the quarterback for all of this. It isn’t just Strzok. He’s a bit of a puppet. It’s not just Mueller, he’s a puppet…

Sean Hannity: I have a funny feeling you’re about to drop a bomb on me.

Rudy Giuliani: The guy’s running it was Brennan. And he should be in front of a grand jury.

Finally, John Brennan was just one of several high ranking Obama officials to have left their fingerprints all over the false collusion investigation. As well as Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, and Loretta Lynch.

Even CNN can’t ignore the Meuller issue any longer:

“Two-thirds of Americans, including majorities across party lines, would like to see special counsel Robert Mueller try to finish the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election before voters go to the polls to elect a new Congress this November.”

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