Giuliani Drops a Bomb…Bidens are Tied to Payouts in the Ukraine, China AND Romania

Rudy Giuliani appeared with Howard Kurtz to discuss Ukraine, when Rudy dropped a nuclear bomb he didn’t lay out the evidence yet.

He says that the public will hear about the Bidens and Romania next to go with their pay to play in China and Ukraine. Is this the end of it or will we hear about payouts from even more countries?

We do know of one connection Hunter Biden has in Romania.

He was a consultant to Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu, who was once one of Romania’s richest men and who opened the first Pizza Hut in Romania. He was later tried and convicted over his real estate dealings and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

From The Gateway Pundit

Trump Attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Howard Kurt on (Old) Media Buzz on Sunday morning in an EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW!

Rudy brought his A-game.

Rudy brought along with him dozens of media reports on the Biden Crime Family dealings in Ukraine, China… AND ROMANIA!

Rudy went after Howard Kurtz hard during the interview for the fake news media’s refusal to look into the many Biden Family crimes and pay-for-play scandals over the past decades.

Rudy Giuliani: The witness I relied upon if you paid any attention to what I did last week is someone named Victor Shokin. That’s the affidavit I put out plus two others… Those three all say that Joe Biden pressured the president to fire Shokin because Shokin had just come upon a laundered $3 million transaction to Hunter Biden. And he was told by the Serbian government that the United States government would not allow to give that information out. That’s the reason they say they were fired… That’s a lot stronger proof than any silly whistleblower nonsense about something that is not even a crime that we’re going into an international conniption over with a phony House investigation. Why are we treated differently? Why? Why are Republicans treated differently? Because the system is unjust and because the press is in their pocket! And you should want to root them out!… The reason they don’t want me on is because they know something you don’t want me to report on. I’ve got it all. I’ve got it all! There’s a lot more to come out. We haven’t moved to Romania yet! Wait til we get to Romania!