Gen Michael Flynn Due in Court Today as Lawyer Pushes for Contempt Charges Against

The smartest thing Gen Michael Flynn has ever done is to fire his lawyers and to hire Sidney Powell to take over the case.

His former lawyers were guppies but Powell is a shark and a very hungry shark at that.

Whereas he was told by his former lawyers to plead guilty, not only is Powell wanting him to plead not guilty and she has filed a motion to hold the Mueller gang in contempt of court for withholding Brady material from Flynn.

This is significant because the judge, Emmett Sullivan is the same judge that found the prosecutors in the Ted Stevens case withheld exculpatory evidence and he threw the case out on those Brady violations.

From The Gateway Pundit

General Flynn has a real fighter in his attorney Sidney Powell and she is rightfully demanding the Mueller gang be held in contempt.  Powell is right no matter what the far left New York Times‘ ‘Russia Collusion’ reporters say.

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell filed a BOMBSHELL motion in his case on Friday night per investigative reporter Will Chamberlain from Human Events.  The Deep State Mueller gang are finally being outed for the crooks that they are and the crimes they committed by Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell:


Mueller’s goons withheld Brady material which is not surprising since they did the same back in the 2000’s in their Enron related cases as noted in Powell’s “License to Lie“.

Powell argues that the Deep State Mueller gang led by the most corrupt DOJ attorney in US history, Andrew Weissmann, withheld information pertinent to their case:

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