Fusion GPS Gave Ohr a Memory Stick After Trump Election

Handwritten notes from Bruce Ohr revealed that Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS, gave a memory stick to Ohr for the FBI to use.

It is not yet known what exactly was on the memory stick but what it does do is prove that Simpson and Ohr were determined to undermine the Trump presidency. Also in the handwritten notes, it alleges that Simpson and Steele were behind the false accusation that Donald Trump had a secret server in Trump Tower to communicate with Putin.

That lie was debunked almost immediately. But, curiously, Hillary brought up the alleged Trump server just before the campaign.

Via John Solomon of The Hill:

One notation that stands out is Simpson’s account that he asked Steele to talk with Mother Jones reporter David Corn about their muckraking on Trump and Russia in the final days of the election. At the time, Steele still worked as an FBI source.

Corn’s Oct. 31, 2016, story was one of the most definitive to allege possible ties between the Trump campaign and Moscow, creating an important talking point for Democrats in the final days of the campaign.

“Glen asked Chris to speak to the Mother Jones reporter. It was Glen’s Hail Mary attempt,” Ohr wrote.

When Simpson testified before Congress, he said he and Steele acted out of a sense of duty. “For him it was professional obligations. I mean, for both of us it was citizenship. You know, people report crimes all the time,” he told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Glenn Simpson handed Bruce Ohr a memory stick…

Ohr made clear he took possession of some evidence from Simpson, writing: “Glen gave me a memory stick.”

Early on, Ohr’s notes detail, the conversation focused on a theory apparently offered by Simpson that revolving Trump team members — former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, followed by informal adviser Carter Page, then Cohen — forged a secret channel with Moscow to hijack the election.

All three men long have been cited in the Russia investigation; each denies any coordination with Russia. But Ohr’s notes are the first to quote Simpson as suggesting the three essentially were shark-tooth spies who replaced each other in a secret plot.

“He identified Michael Cohen, a lawyer in Brooklyn w. Russian (Brighton Beach) clients, as the go-between from Russia to the Trump campaign who replaced Manafort and Carter Page,” Ohr’s notes read, quoting Simpson’s alleged narrative.

The notes suggest guilt by association, citing Cohen’s wife and suggesting one of Cohen’s in-laws had real estate dealings in Moscow “with ties to the Kremlin.”

This appears to be more proof to the extent Democrats were willing to go to make false accusations against the Trump campaign, first to sabotage his election and then to bring down his presidency. If a lot of people aren’t convicted of these crimes, it means we have already lost our country and even President Trump can’t save it.

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