FRANK LUNTZ: Has Never Seen Group This Extreme… This Hostile to Economic Freedom (VIDEO)

Pollster Frank Luntz says that in all the years he’s been doing this, he has never seen such a group of extremists as the Democrats are offering up this are and it could cost them dearly.

In order to win the nomination at this point, they will have to continue to move to the left. But, they cannot win with just this base. They need independents and a few Republicans as well and they will no be able to move back to the center in the general election without losing their base.

President Trump will have a huge advantage in 2020.

From The Gateway Pundit

Pollster Frank Luntz joined Laura Ingraham on Thursday following the Democratic Debates in Detroit, Michigan.

Luntz told Laura Ingraham that he has NEVER seen Democrats this hostile and radical!

Frank Luntz: I want to make this clear for the viewers. This is not a fight for the soul of the Democrat Party. That fight is over. And the hostility of these Democratic candidates, most of them, to corporate America, to CEOs, to those who have been successful is significant.

The language I’ve heard in the last 48 hours is language I’ve never heard from ANY mainstream Democrat… This is about changing the structure and the economy of the United States. And they’re determined to turn it upside down. And, I gotta tell you, I’ve been following this since 1992, I’ve never heard candidates this extreme. I’ve never heard candidates this hostile to economic freedom and they got the base of the Democratic Party absolutely behind them.

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