Former Italian PM and Obama Pal Renzi Threatens George Papadopoulos as Bill Barr Investigates Italy Intelligence

People used to say that Barack Obama was as thick as thieves but they were actually closer than spies according to some in the know.

Last week, Bill Barr the attorney general traveled to Rome with US Attorney John Durham and they listened to a tape recording of Joseph Mifsud telling police he was in danger. Who was he in danger of? Surely not Trump, otherwise the Italians would not have shared it with Bill Barr.

Was he afraid of going out like Seth Rich? That visit shook some cages as now former prime minister Matteo Renzi is threatening to sue George Papadopoulos.

The investigation into the beginning of the Russian hoax may now be centered in Italy and not London as first believed. Renzi is now threatening to sue George Papadopoulos and Papadopoulos does not seem very concerned about it. He originally thought the spying originated in London but is now convinced it was contrived between Obama and Renzi. Only time will tell.

From The Gateway Pundit

AG Barr and his investigator Durham must be getting close to the beginnings of the Deep State’s Russia collusion sham investigation.  Italy’s former Prime Minister and friend of Barack Obama is so hot he’s discussing suing George Papadopoulos.

Maria Bartiroma from Sunday Morning Futures on FOX news had George Papadopoulos on her show this morning and he shared many events that the Deep State took to set him up in 2016 and 2017.  He also reported that the former Prime Minister of Italy, was reportedly considering suing him as of a couple of days ago.  This is the same time the AG Barr was in Italy looking into Deep State crimes surrounding the 2016 campaign.

The following discussions ensued –

Maria – I find it really interesting that just this week we learned new information that the former Prime Minister of Italy is threatening to sue you.  This is ex-Italian Prime Minister Renzi threatening to sue you George Papadopoulos.  What do you think this is all about George?

George – (laughs) Well I think obviously that somebody’s connecting dots and these dots lead directly to Rome might actually be the epicenter of this entire conspiracy, even more so than London which I initially thought.  Look, Attorney General Barr was recently in Italy along with John Durham.  They were obviously looking into Joseph Mifsud’s extensive connections to both the Italian government (documented) and Italian Intelligence services.  They’re probably looking into this University Link Campus and Vincenzo Scotti and who was the Prime Minister when all of this was going on, Matteo Renzi…

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