Former Bush AG Asks Why Mueller Waited So Long to Clear Trump of Collusion

It has become public knowledge that dirty cop Robert Mueller knew a year ago that there was no collusion but kept it to himself and made sure that it didn’t leak out.

Former AG under George W Bush, Michael Mukasey asked why Mueller waited a year to tell the public. Well, Mr. Mukasey, I can answer that for you. He didn’t want anyone to know that Trump was innocent before the midterm election. He wanted to help the Democrats to win and he did.

That’s what dirty cops do. Mueller has a long history of withholding exculpatory evidence. He did so with four men he convicted of murder and created a $101 million dollar settlement when he was found out. Or you can ask Stephen Hatfill, whom Mueller pursued the anthrax case. He only won 7 million for Mueller’s crooked behavior. Comey helped him on that one.

Jewell did not get any taxpayer money but he did collect from NBC, Piedmont College and CNN.

From The Daily Caller

President George W. Bush’s former attorney general wants to know why special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t sooner clear the Trump campaign of collusion with Russia.

Michael Mukasey was a guest on the Fox News podcast “Hemmer Time” Thursday when he asked why Mueller waited so long to tell Americans that he could find no evidence of collusion.

Mueller’s report, in a redacted form, was released to the world on Thursday after almost two years of investigation conducted by the special counsel and his team.

The report could find no evidence of collusion nor did it recommend President Donald Trump be charged with obstruction of justice, though Democratic leadership wants to further examine the latter conclusion.