Forensics Coroner Says He Has Never Seen So Many Broken Bones in the Neck on Suicides [VIDEO]

Dr. Cyril Wecht, one of the foremost expert on forensics says that he has never in 20,000 autopsies ever seen so many broken neck bones in a lean-forward suicide.

That doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible but it does mean the odds would be extremely low of that happening.

Dr. Wecht has performed over 20,000 autopsies and that should say something about his expertise in such matters.

Wecht says that in only 2 of 239 cases did the Hyoid bone get broken and in Epstein’s case several bones were broken in addition to the broken Hyoid bone.

This concerns him and he says every inmate on that floor should be questioned. He says the damage is what a strangulation death would look like.

From The Gateway Pundit

Dr. Wecht, who is a doctor and lawyer, told Kennedy a Montreal study found only 2 of 239 hanging death resulted in a broken Hyoid bone — or less than 1%of those killed.

Top US inmate and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein suffered broken bones in his neck and a broken Hyoid bone that is more common in strangulation deaths.

Wecht added that every prisoner in the MCC on his floor should be questioned about his death.

On Thursday Dr. Mark Siegel told Bulls and Bears on FOX Business Network that the hyoid bone might break in strangulation about one-third to one-half of the time. In suicide, hanging, it might break 6-10% of the time.

On Friday Dr. Wecht went on with Gregg Jarrett on Hannity to discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy results.

This was after the New York medical examiner ruled Epstein’s death a suicide.

Dr. Wecht did not back down from his original statements.

Dr. Cyril Wecht: Let me say, if this is a lean-into kind of a hanging, not someone hurling himself from the top bunk. But if he were for example, sitting on the lower bunk or kneeling by there, and no evidence of him being on the top bunk, and hurling himself off, then there is no velocity there is no force imparted to that scenario. Leaning forward in my opinion would not lead to what we have been told are “multiple fractures.” We don’t know what was broken exactly. No details have come from the medical examiner’s office. We’re told by the Washington PostNew York Post that the hyoid bone was broken, that’s above the Adam’s Apple… If there are fractures of the thyroid cartilage, the Adam’s Apple in association with the hyoid bone that is highly suspicious and in my opinion extremely unlikely to be caused by a leaning into type of suicide hanging… I agree and I want to make that clear that I cannot express an opinion with reasonable medical certainty. I can only repeat what I have said based upon the cases I have myself examined, hundreds of cases over the years in my 20,000 plus autopsies, 40,000 other cases that I have reviewed, supervised or signed off on. That I have not seen multiple fractures in a simple leaning into kind of suicidal hanging when there is no velocity.

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