FINALLY: Trump Appointed Judge to Rule on Constitutionality of Mueller Investigation.

Two liberal activist judges have already ruled that the Mueller investigation is constitutional, despite the fact that the law doesn’t agree with them. One judge, Amy Berman Jackson, is a far left activist judge, who places her ideology above the law.

She is the judge that slapped Paul Manafort into solitary confinement, even though he has yet to be convicted of a crime. The second activist judge is Judge Beryl Alaine Howell. Both of these liberal judges have the same attitude towards the laws of the United States. “We don’t need no stinkin’ laws.”

Far left Politico noted on Friday –

Lawyers for a Russian company accused of financing a massive political influence operation in the United States urged a federal judge Friday to “be brave” and declare special counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment invalid.

At a federal courthouse just steps from the U.S. Capitol, the Russian firm’s attorney — James Martin, an appellate lawyer with the Pittsburgh-based firm Reed Smith — urged District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich to look past Supreme Court precedent recognizing the appointment of the Watergate special prosecutor in the 1970s.

What these two judges and Politico fail to acknowledge is that the laws used during Watergate no longer exist. Democrats were upset when Bill Clinton was impeached, so they wrote a new law to replace the special prosecutor law. That is the Special Counsel law. The two are completely different.

The special counsel law requires the person authorizing the special counsel to name the crime that the SC will be investigating. Secondly, the boundaries of the investigation must be specific. Mueller’s authorization misses on both counts. Rosenstein does not mention any crime and the mandate is so broad that Mueller is questioning Trump’s prep schoolmates to see if he ever ate his salad with Russian dressing.

Watch for the Democrats to insist that Judge Friedrich recuse herself even though she is ruling in the case involving the Russian company, Concord Marketing. They knew if you apply the law, the Mueller investigation is over.

Not just for Concord marketing, but for everyone indicted by Mueller and President Trump as well. They are counting on continuing the investigation until after the midterms to gain an advantage.