Feinstein Tries to BLAST Border Official, Gets Her Butt Handed to Her Instead

Diane Feinstein tried to get cute with CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan during a hearing in the Senate and almost immediately regretted it when McAleenan fired back at her with the inconvenient truth.

Feinstein asked McAleenan, “While we’re on the subject of tear gas being used, has CBP ever fired tear gas at young children on the border prior to November 25th?”  That’s like asking someone when he quit beating his wife. But McAleenan was not about to let her get away with her dishonesty. He pointed out that the Border Patrol did not fire tear gas at women and children.

They fired tear gas at rioting invaders who were throwing rocks and bottles at Border Patrol agents and trying to break through the border barrier.

From The Conservative Tribune

“Just to clarify, senator. We did not fire tear gas at young children on November 25th,” he responded. Then he answered the question in a way that, ironically, made Feinstein’s own liberal party look bad.

“But yes, CS gas has been used to address large groups seeking to enter unlawfully actually in San Diego sector in the same exact area almost five years to the day, a large group that did include women and children in it as well,” he continued.

McAleenan was referring to a 2013 incident in which at least 100 migrants attacked Border Patrol agents with rocks, before trying to illegally cross the border. Tear gas was used to disperse the crowd, which included women and children who had been brought along to the chaotic scene.

The president at the time? Democrat Barack Obama, of course.

It’s funny to see liberals who ignored the actions of Barack Obama now pretend outrage when Trump does precisely the same thing.