FBI Releases Documents Proving Hillary’s’s Emails Available on the Dark Web

The hacking of Hillary’s server is worse than we thought. Documents released by the FBI proves that Judicial Watch notified the FBI that Hillary’s emails were on the Dark Web.

Judicial Watch met with Peter Strzok weeks before Comey exonerated Hillary and the FBI did nothing and Mueller left these facts out of his report. Our national secrets are available to countless users of the Dark Web. That’s a serious security breach.

There is no way Hillary could have been exonerated had this been known, which I believe the reason Strzok buried the information.

From The Gateway Pundit

The FBI released more Hillary related emails over the weekend.  A review of the emails provides more damning information that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary was a sham as she committed numerous criminal acts and should definitely be locked up.

President Trump provided the best line in US history for a Presidential debate when he said that if he was in charge, she would be in jail!

This past weekend more FBI emails have finally released that show indeed that Hillary was involved in numerous crimes in regards to her abuse of classified emails and yet she was let off by the corrupt FBI.