Family of 5-Year-Old Boy With Autism Says School Accused Him of ‘Sexual Harassment’

A five-year boy with autism is now and will always be a sexual predator after he hugged one classmate and kissed another one on the cheek.

This happened at East Ridge Elementary School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, about three weeks ago.

Where has all the common sense gone?

It would be bad enough that the boy is only five years old but having autism too? This is inexcusable.

Liberalism and political correctness is in danger of ruining this country. I read that liberals plan on not having children because of global warming. If they keep their promises it will be the only good thing they have ever done for this country.

From The Blaze


Summery Putnam told WTVC-TV she was “sick to my stomach” after the phone call.

It came from a teacher at East Ridge Elementary School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, about three weeks ago, and it was about Nathan — her 5-year-old kindergartner.

“The teacher called me and she said, ‘You need to have a talk with Nathan about boundaries,'” Putnam recalled to WTVC, adding that the teacher said Nathan hugged a child and kissed another on the cheek — and that the school filed a report with the state.

Debi Amick, Nathan’s grandmother, put it more plainly on a private Facebook post, the station said: “What do you do when a 5 year [old] child is being labeled a sexual predator and accused of sexual harassment by the school system? It was disclosed that it will go in his record for the rest of his life that he is a sex offender.”

Both Putnam and Amick told WTVC that Nathan has autism, which makes it more difficult for him to operate within the bounds of acceptable social cues.

“Who do you turn to for help when the school will not even listen to the child’s doctor when he explains the child’s difficulties in his comprehension of simple things such as boundaries[?],” Amick added in her Facebook post.

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