EXPLOSIVE: Fusion GPS Reveal that Christopher Steele Hired Them to Investigate Manafort Before They Hired Him for Dossier

The latest revelation from the book written by the founders of Fusion GPSn is pure dynamite. They now claim that Steele hired them to do opposition research on Paul Manafort before they hired him to write the bogus Steele dossier. Why nwas a former member of British Intelligence trying to find dirt in manafort and where did he get the idea there was dirt to be had?  Was he already working to undermine Donald Trump before Hillary and the DNC hired him? And who hired Steele for this job? We need answers.

Fritsch and Simpson wrote:

“Weeks before Trump tapped Manafort to run his campaign, Christopher Steele had hired Fusion for help investigating Manafort. The matter had nothing to do with politics and was a typical commercial assignment.”

Why would they investigate Trump’s campaign manager if it wasn’t political? Do you believe this? I know I don’t. But, what I do see is that someone should be questioning Steele because if it was the Hillary campaign, hiring Steele would be a direct violation of the law that prohibits campaigns from hiring foreign nationals.

From Breitbart News

The Fusion GPS co-founders say their firm cut a nominal agreement to “research Manafort’s finances” for a client of Steele, now infamous for authoring a dossier alleging collusion between President Trump and the Kremlin.

Fritsch and Simpson contend that the retired Secret Intelligence Service MI6 agent’s client was Oleg Deripaska, an oligarch and close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deripaska sought to determine whether Manafort had stolen money from him, according to the book.

“[Christopher Steele] did not disclose the ultimate client for the job, and Fusion didn’t press the issue,” claim the Fusion GSP co-founders.

American Greatness notes of the Fusion GPS-Steele deal: “That means Glenn Simpson represented not one but two Russian tycoons in 2016: At the same time Fusion was helping Steele on behalf of Deripaska, Simpson also was representing Prevezon, another company owned by a Putin-tied Russian also under investigation by the Justice Department for money laundering.”