EMBARRASSING: Kamala Harris Was Asked About Her Achievements…Crickets

California Sen. Kamala Harris appeared on the “Call Your Girlfriend”  this past Friday and she was asked what her greatest legislative action was. The liberal media aren’t supposed to ask questions like that. The reason it was so embarrassing is the fact that she has none whatsoever. So, she tried spinning it to her work on committees and that is about as lame as you can get. Considering that when questioning witnesses, she mostly used that time to promote the liberal ideology and if she ever did ask a question, it too was ridiculous and political in nature and not investigative at all.

From The Daily Caller

“I’ll tell you, one of the things that I think for me is most important is the role that I serve on the various committees that I’m on, which are oversight committees, like — let’s be clear those committees exist to — to watch and question what is going on with our government, with the United States government,” Harris said. “So I’m on Senate Intelligence. I’m on Homeland Security. I’m on Judiciary.”

“And the accomplishment then for me is a function of what I think my role should be, and often, especially in the last 18 months it has been to try and get at the truth,” she continued. “And so the accomplishment is — and the ‎goal is to always make sure that we are being and the system as being as transparent as possible, and that — you know, frankly that the American public has the answers, and that we’re being told the truth. And when that happens I feel a sense of accomplishment, and when it doesn’t happen I feel a sense of frustration.”

This reminds me of 2016 when Hillary and her supporters were asked about her greatest accomplishments and no one could answer it. One person tried and cited a bill funding relief efforts for Sandy. I looked up the bill and it passed 97-3. It didn’t take much fighting for this type of bill.