Elizabeth Warren Asked Obama to Pardon Ethel Rosenberg

Without a doubt, the worse spying ever perpetrated on this country was the delivery of the atom bomb to Russia. That act was carried out by Ethel Rosenberg and husband Julius Rosenberg and aided by David Greenglass, Ethels’s younger brother who had worked on the Manhattan Project.

For many years, the Rosenberg children were convinced of their parent’s innocence and they tried to get the files declassified so that they could prove it. They were convinced that their parents had been put to death even though they were innocent. When the files were finally declassified and released, the children were left with the star reality that their parents were indeed guilty and they dropped their quest.

No child ever wants to believe their parents have done something so heinous, but what about a sitting US Senator like Elizabeth Warren? She wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to pardon Ethel Rosenberg for her duplicity. Obviously, Obama did not oblige her. So, the question I have is Elizabeth Warren an agent for the Russians? She must be, right?

From The Gateway Pundit

Ethel Rosenberg and husband Julius Rosenberg, two of the most notorious spies in US history, were found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage in 1951 and were sentenced to death. The Rosenbergs were accused passing top-secret information concerning the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. The Rosenbergs were the first U.S. citizens to be convicted and executed for espionage during peacetime.

Julius Rosenberg, an open communist, reportedly recruited Ethel’s younger brother, David Greenglass, to give information to the Soviets. While serving in the U.S. Army, Greenglass had been assigned to work on the famed Manhattan Project, which led to the creation of the atomic bomb, and he delivered notes and sketches of classified materials to Julius Rosenberg. According to Greenglass, Ethel took the notes and typed them up for the Soviets. This accusation seems to be the only direct evidence of Ethel’s involvement in her husband’s spying activities.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower had this to say about the Rosenstein’s before their executions. “I can only say that, by immeasurably increasing the chances of atomic war, the Rosenbergs may have condemned to death tens of millions of innocent people all over the world. The execution of two human beings is a grave matter. But even graver is the thought of the millions of dead whose deaths may be directly attributable to what these spies have done.”