Docs Prove that Obama Was the True Enemy of Journalism

Even though President Trump has taken more questions and given reporters many times more access than Barack Obama ever did, the lamestream media says that Trump is the enemy of journalism.

But, now documents have been released that shows what Obama was really doing to the press and you can bet the press will keep their mouth shut about it. It took an FOIA lawsuit to get their hands on the Obama era documents. It began in 2012 when the Obama administration said there were no credible threats from terrorism, then the AP got secret documents that proved that was a lie.

They published them and Obama subpoenaed 30 phones belonging to AP reporters and editors.

From The Conservative Tribune

In order to get the full — albeit heavily redacted — documents behind this controversial action, it took a Freedom of Information Act request by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

A Columbia Journalism Review report Thursday provided an “alarming picture” of the Obama DOJ’s actions, according to The Daily Wire.

The subpoenas came after classified documents were leaked to the Associated Press, detailing a CIA operation that prevented Yemen bad actors from planting a plane bomb.

AP President and Chief Executive Gary Pruitt refuted the DOJ and backed his journalists.

“The White House had said there was no credible threat to the American people in May of 2012. The AP story suggested otherwise, and we felt that was important information and the public deserved to know it,” Pruitt said in a statement from May 14, 2013.