DNC Chair Tom Perez Goes to War Against State Democratic Parties

Tom Perez wrote a nastygram to state Democratic party chairmen and women across the country over their databases. Perez wants them to turn them over to the Democratic party.

But, state parties are still butthurt over Hillary Clinton’s $84 million dollar money laundering scheme that robbed state parties of much-needed resources. The way Hillary’s plot worked is simple. Donors are limited on how much money they can donate to a candidate but not to state parties.

They would then donate to state parties who would send that money to the DNC and from there to the Hillary campaign.

From Hot Air

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez launched an attack on his own party’s state organizations Saturday with a long and angry email over the future of the party’s most valuable asset — its voter data file.

Just days before an important Tuesday meeting in D.C. on the future of the data operation, Perez sharply criticized a new proposal from state party leaders and singled out prominent state officials by name.

“For some inexplicable reason, this proposal would tear down just about everything about our current data structure, reversing so much of the progress we made over the past decade,” Perez wrote.

This dustup may appear strange on the surface, but it’s actually part of a trend that’s been taking shape for a number of years. Political analysts often credit Barack Obama’s campaign success to the extensive data handling operation they put together. Obama’s team rolled up data on voters and donors from all across the nation to maximize their fundraising and get out the vote efforts and it paid off in a big way.

This is a one-way deal. The DNC uses the data to solicit donations for the national party but decreases donations to the states.