Disgraced FBI Lawyers Resigns Just Before IG Report Comes Out

Jim Baker and Lisa Page, both of whom were demoted over their actions during the Russian collusion investigation, both resigned on Friday just before the DOJ IG report is due to be released.  Page was involved with FBI agent Peter Strzok and she was very vocal in text messages between the two about her bias for Hillary and against Trump.

James Baker is suspected of leaking information from the Hillary dossier. It looks a might suspicious that they both resigned on the same day and before the report is released. Do they figure prominently in the report? Certainly Page does. And did the fact that FBI employees can be forced to take a lie detector test have anything to do with it?

From Fox News

Page, who was previously a member of Robert Mueller’s special counsel team, came under fire for allegedly sending “anti-Trump” text messages to a colleague.

She was one of Comey’s advisers in 2016 when the former director announced the bureau would not pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified emails.

Comey acknowledged Baker’s departure in a tweet, commending his former colleague’s “integrity” and “commitment to the rule of law.”

Baker had been the subject of a Justice Department investigation on suspicion of leaking classified information about the so-called “Trump dossier” – a document that supposedly contained evidence about the Trump campaign’s connection to Russia.

“A great public servant retired from the FBI today. Jim Baker’s integrity and commitment to the rule of law have benefitted our country through 5 presidents, of both parties. We are fortunate he and so many others choose to devote their lives to justice.”

The swamp has now been reduced by two. Only 44,000 or 45,000 to go.

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