DHS Works to Reduce the Number of Work Permits for Illegal Aliens

The DHS is working on plans to limit the number of work permits for illegal aliens waiting or their asylum court dates. By limiting them, they actually raise the wages of Americans.

That’s because companies have to compete with the limited number of American workers in the Trump economy. When they have to compete it raises the amount of money they must offer their employees.

Basic Economics 101.

With over a million illegal aliens waiting for their day in court, it creates too many work permits. The work permits were not created by congressional legislation but were put in place by Bill Clinton, when he wasn’t occupied by other things in the Oval Office.

From Breitbart News

The tighter curbs on work permits may reduce the huge flow of low wage foreign migrants into U.S. blue collar jobs. In turn, the reduced inflow will pressure employers to offer Americans higher wages as they compete for the limited pool of U.S. workers

Federal law allows illegal immigrants and economic migrants to ask for asylum — and then to ask for work permits once they have waited at least 150 days for an asylum court hearing. The minor rule is now a huge loophole because the immigration courts are so backlogged by up to 1 million asylum-seekers that new migrants know they can get work permits by simply asking for asylum at the border. So the 1994 rule allows new migrants to get renewable work permits in just 180 days — 150 days plus 30 days — after they cross the border.

This work permit loophole is an economic opportunity for employers because it provides extra foreign workers. The extra workers help to reduce employers’ “poaching” of American workers from other companies. That competition for workers could trigger a bidding war for U.S. workers in the growing economy, so cutting profits and stock prices.

“The [30-day] move would shrink a pool of workers in an already tight labor market, reduce tax revenue, and potentially encourage asylum seekers to work without authorization,” said Ali Noorani, director of the business-backed National Immigration Forum. His group works with low wage employers in agriculture and other sectors to boost the inflow of asylum workers, refugees, and H-2B visa-workers.

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