DHS Spokesman SMACKS CNN Over Fake Anti-Trump News Report

CNN, the undisputed leader in fake news, was at it again as they called President Trump a liar when he said recently that 10 terrorists have been caught at the border.

They get angry when you tell the truth because truth has no value to CNN. CNN anchor Jim Sciutto was the culprit this time and he said multiple times that Trump lied and that the DHS didn’t back up his story.

That is when the DHS hit CNN with the cold hard facts that in 2017 alone 3,755 known or suspected terrorists. And in addition to that, they caught 17,526 criminals, 1,019 gang members, and 3,028 special interest aliens.

From The Daily Caller

“People are pouring into our country, including terrorists. We caught 10 terrorists over a short period of time,” Trump said.

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto asserted multiple times that Trump was incorrect, writing, “DHS did not provide evidence of a single terrorist caught at the southern border over the very last short period of time as the president claimed.”

DHS spokesperson Tyler Houlton pointed out that his agency prevented thousands of potential terrorists from entering the U.S. in one year alone and accused CNN of failing to reach out to them for comment.

“We are happy to provide the facts — but you never reached out. In fact, DHS prevented 3,755 known or suspected terrorists from traveling to or entering the U.S. in FY 17. That’s in addition to 17,526 criminals, 1,019 gang members, and 3,028 special interest aliens,” Houlton tweeted.