Devin Nunes on Mueller Testimony: Lots of Questions, No Answers…Obvious Mueller Did Not Write the Report

Devin Nunes was a guest on Fox’s Maria Bartiromo’s show and he spoke about the Mueller non-testimony. He told her that there were lots of questions but few if any answers.

And he also stated the obvious. Robert Mueller did not write the report. In fact, I don’t believe he even read the report.  He had no clue what was in the report and he contradicted the report in several instances. My best guess is that anti-Trumper Andrew Weissmann ran the entire show and Mueller was nothing more than a figurehead.

From his testimony before Congress, it’s plain to see he is in no mental condition to lead a major investigation.

From Fox News

“Lots of questions, and not many answers on Wednesday,” Nunes said. He pointed out that after years of investigation followed by Mueller’s report and testimony, there is still no support for a case that the Trump campaign was involved in a conspiracy with Russia.

“I would say one of the main takeaways is we still don’t have any Russians,” he said. “We don’t’ know who the Russians were who supposedly colluded with the Trump campaign. Why? Because there were none, and that’s what we said two and a half years ago.”

Nunes claimed that there is evidence of Democrats colluding with Russians. “We tried to get to the bottom of that, but clearly Mueller and his team of lawyers and 40 investigators and $40 million didn’t bother to look for those Russians,” he said.

Nunes also discussed Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor whose tip about Clinton emails to George Papadopoulos is said to have led to the launching of the Russia probe in the first place. Papadopoulos mentioned the supposed dirt on Clinton to an Australian diplomat, who then notified U.S. authorities.

“It is the reason why, the documented reason why, they opened the investigation on July 31, 2016. Now what I mentioned in my testimony and in my questioning, it’s clear that the FBI did not open the investigation on July 31. That’s the paperwork. What we’re trying to figure out is when did  the FBI really start to run the investigation, what types of processes did they use, what was the predicate, because it really looks like they were spying on the Trump campaign.

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