DEVIN NUNES Claims Democrats Have been Working with Fired Ambassador Yovanovich Before Her Scheduled Testimony (VIDEO)

Anyone who says that the impeachment inquiry is not unlike the Spanish Inquisition is self delusional.

The Democrats or maybe just Adam Schiff was working with the whistleblower before a complaint was even filed and so was Charles McCullough a top man with James Clapper.

Now, we find out that Adam Schiff and his playmates have been working with fired Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovich , who is an ardent NeverTrumper to get their plan together before she testified before the committee. And we also just found out the whistleblower is refusing mto testify because he or she does not want to face the tough questions he or she would be sure to be asked.

From The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Devin Nunes (D-CA) went on with America’s Newsroom on Friday before the scheduled testimony of fired Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovich before the House Intelligence Committee.

Nunes told FOX News that the fired ambassador was working with Democrats before her testimony today.

Rep. Devin Nunes: It was well known. We’ve had both former officials and current officials come and tell us that this was a very partisan ambassador. This was somebody who was not only supporting the Clintons, when Clinton was running, telling the people that Clinton was going to win, prognosticating about it. But also once Trump won was badmouthing the Trump administration in Ukraine, to Ukrainians and State Department staff… We would want to get her on the record, did she support the Trump administration? Did she really say these negative things about the Trump administration? Was she looking at journalists? Was she monitoring journalists in the United States? These are all questions that we want answers to… My guess here is that this is someone who the Democrats have been coordinating with. Let’s not pretend that this ambassador hasn’t been working with the Democrats. That’s been happening.

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