Developing: Both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Accused of Serious Ethics Charges

Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris had ethics complaints filed against them for their behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings. During the hearings both Warren and Harris, used the hearings to fund raise.

It is against the Senate rules to use your position to raise money. It is not uncommon for Senators to vote and then use tht vote to convince people to contribute to your campaign, but it’s a big no no to ask for money based on your vote before the vote is taken. It makes it appear that your vote is for sale and Senate rules strictly forbid it.

From The Washington Times

FACT asked the Senate ethics committee to probe fundraising emails sent by Ms. Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, and Ms. Harris, California Democrat.

Ms. Warren’s email said she was demanding a delay on the judge’s confirmation vote and asked for donations for her 2018 election campaign, while Ms. Harris’s emails detailed several of her actions as a member of the Judiciary Committee, including her questioning of the president’s pick for the high court, and asking for contributions.

The Senate’s rules prohibit senators “cashing in” on using their official positions for personal gain.

FACT said that linking a promise of official action with campaign contributions violates that principle.

“This is a clear violation of the Senate Ethics rules which safeguard against the appearance or actuality of elected officials ‘cashing in’ on their official position for political purposes,” said Kendra Arnold, executive director of FACT.

Unlike the House, the Senate Ethics Committee actually does it’s job and punishes members who violate the rules and acts in a unethical manner.

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