Denver Post Runs Letter to Editor Suggesting A Threat To Trump

The Denver Post published a letter to the editor that was so idiotic I laughed for five straight minutes. Makes me wonder what kind of low IQ people run the editorial page there. Suzanne Gagnon of Lakewood wrote the idiotic letter.

She wrote the Rosenbergs did far less than President Trump. They were executed then proceeded to call Trump a traitor. No surprise there. She couldn’t come up with a single thing Trump did wrong. He neither discussed dropping sanctions or made any agreements with them. Gagnon didn’t drop sanctions or make agreements with Russia either, so should she be executed? Of course not.

From The Free Beacon

Gagnon then compared Trump to the Rosenbergs, who were tried and put to death for espionage in 1953. She said there are “many more actions” that should be taken against Trump.

“If it walks like a traitor, and talks like a traitor, and acts like a traitor … it is a traitor,” Gagnon said. “Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed on a basis of far less evidence than is had on Trump and many in his administration.”

“Besides being in agreement with the actions recommended in the editorial of July 19, I believe there are many more actions that can and should be taken against Trump to keep him from destroying the U.S.,” she said. “If our leader doesn’t support any swift, significant pushback against Russian meddling, our votes aren’t worth much.”

Compass Colorado, a conservative nonprofit organization, said the editorial is in line with the “increasingly violent tone” of political rhetoric on the left.

Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado said:

“The mere fact the Denver Post would publish a letter to the editor with this type of language speaks to both the increasingly violent tone of liberals in Colorado politics and the desperation of the Post for readership.”

“This trend of violent language in Colorado is deeply concerning. Just a few months ago the Boulder Daily Camera published a letter to the editor asking if citizens have a moral responsibility to take arms against oil and gas well workers, and the liberal group ProgressNow Colorado tweeted out a picture of Senator Cory Gardner with blood on his hands after a shooting, and now this Denver Post letter.”

“This violent and divisive rhetoric will do nothing to change hearts or minds, it’s designed to entrench and inflame.”

The Denver Post tried to defend itself:

“We would never run a letter suggesting that the president of the United States be executed. Upon reviewing this letter, I don’t think that was the letter writer’s intent.”

Vote on it. What is more idiotic? The letter or the Post’s response. For me, it’s too close to call.

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