Democrats Ignore Mueller Investigation… Will Run Multiple Investigations Themselves

Despite the fact that Mueller has spent close to two years with unlimited manpower and resources was unable to find a hint of collusion, the Democrats in the House plan on taking on the task themselves.

I don’t know why, unless it’s to avoid voting on their inane socialist bills that turn the voters off. What do they think they will find that Mueller didn’t? Nothing. This is for harassment purposes. They will go after Trump’s children. They will lie, leak and misquote witnesses.

Whatever it takes to fool their base, who are known too smart and will buy it.

From The Daily Caller

Special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to wrap up the Russia probe into President Donald Trump soon, but Democrats will still say Trump’s presidency is illegitimate regardless of the findings, current and former Trump administration officials told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

These sources believe Democrats have already made up their minds on Mueller and say the investigation was never about Russian collusion but bringing down Trump by any means possible. Republicans also say they expect a number of investigations to stem from the probe, but none regarding the collusion conspiracy theory.

“This was never about Russian collusion. This was never about Mueller. This was never about truth or justice. This was about taking down President Trump and nullifying the election. They still can’t get over the fact that Trump won the election and that the American people voted for him over Hillary,” a senior administration official told TheDCNF.

“The truth is all this talk about voter integrity and voting rights that we always hear from them, it pales in comparison to [the] Democrats’ desire for power in their inability to recognize Republican victories or conservative victories. They did the same thing to Bush. They called him illegitimate. They hounded him for eight years, saying Al Gore was the true president,” the senior administration official continued.

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