Democrats Astroturf Newspapers in Opposition to Kavanaugh

The first question I want to ask you or rather the first series of questions I intend to ask you should make you stop and think if you are a Democrat to the right of Ho Chi Minh. If Hillary had been elected president, would the Democrats or the press insist her two Supreme Court justices be anything but far left liberals?

Would Scalia’s replacement been a rock solid conservative like he was or would it be someone in the likeness of Sonia Sotomayer? If you answered those two questions honestly, then why would you believe that Republicans do otherwise? As Barack Obama once said, “Elections have consequences.” So here it is.

In 21 different regions of the country, there have been 21 identical articles published under 21 different names that amount to astroturfing. No one should be surprised when liberals pull tricks that are illegal or immoral. That’s par for the course. It’s what we have come to expect from them and they have never disappointed us.

The papers affected, according to the Daily Wire, are:

The Washington Times, the Boston Herald, The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), the Dallas Morning News, the San Antonio Express-News, The Grand Junction Sentinel (Colorado), The Wilmington News Journal (Delaware), the Coeur d’Alene Press (Idaho), The Forum (Fargo, North Dakota), the Beaumont Enterprise (Texas), the Santa Monica Daily Press (California), The Union Democrat (Sonora, California), the Daily News (Newburyport, Massachusetts),

The Eagle-Tribune (North Andover, Massachusetts), the Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Massachusetts), The Times Herald-Record (Middletown, New York), the Daily Reflector (Greenville, North Carolina), The Express Times (Easton, Pennsylvania), the Republican Herald (Pottsville, Pennsylvania), The Herald-Zeitung (Brownsville, Texas) and the Martinsville Bulletin (Virginia).

The subterfuge was discovered when a woman called Richard Lodge, editor of The Eagle-Tribune, and told him that she did not write the letter. So, apparently, the Democrats not only misrepresented what the letters really were but they used the names of real people when submitting them to the papers. Just another normal day in LiberalLand.

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