Democrats are Badly Divided on Humanitarian Aid

I love the progressives in the House and Senate. They are our best chance to have a tsunami election in 2020. The latest bone of contention is the 4.5 billion humanitarian aid for illegal aliens.

Nancy Pelosi is for it but the progressives in the party oppose it because they say Trump will use the money to detain illegals. So if it doesn’t pass, what would happen? I know what should be done. Trump should close the border to illegals because we can’t afford to take care of them.

The loony left can’t stop the bill in all likelihood, because many Democrats will want the illegals taken care of even though the progressives could care less.

From The Daily Caller

The debate has focused on the fate of hundreds of migrant children who were moved from a Clint, Texas border patrol center because there was insufficient soap, toothbrushes and food to meet their needs. Reports circulated of infants and toddlers not receiving adequate care while living in very poor conditions.

Pelosi met with key Democrats on Monday night in an effort to ensure she has enough votes to pass the bill, according to the Times.

Along with the living conditions of illegal aliens at the border, there is the backdrop of President Donald Trump’s continued commitment to deport millions of illegal immigrants who continue to live in the U.S.

After promising a weekend cleanup, Trump called off the deportation operation, apparently at the behest of Pelosi who called the president to seek time to negotiate. Trump tweeted that he was wiling to talk and had “delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks.”


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