Democrats Are About to Suffer Their Own Civil War

There are two major issues, which are about to tear the Democratic party in two and a third major problem. The first issue has already been breached and that is impeachment.

There are many Democrats pushing for impeachment and they are mostly hotheads who want impeachment now. Then they are the experienced Democrats that know that attempting impeachment based on hate rather than a crime is going to isolate a large portion of the population. Pelosi is trying to get Democrats to wait until Mueller releases his report but that may not be for over a year.

The second issue is global warming and the New Green Deal. It has almost no chance of succeeding because if the House doesn’t kill it, the Senate Will and President Trump has a veto pen waiting for it.

The law would kill manufacturing, drive up the cost of electricity and would require huge tax increases. Ocasio-Cortez is talking about a 70% income tax to pay for the plan. The French plan was much smaller than the Democrats are trying to pass and they nearly burned the country down over it. And the old timers know that if you destroy the manufacturing jobs after President Trump created nearly 450,000 new ones, they will get the sole blame.

And the major issue is anti-Semitism. The new Democratic caucus has a lot of members who are hostile against Israel and hate Jews worse than Hitler ever did. American Jews have always supported Democrats, while Israeli Jews have always identified with the Republican party, because of their support for Israel.

The Democrats depend on them for large donations and their votes but if the Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Ilhan wing of the party gets their way, they will drive a huge wedge between them and the Democratic party.

Pelosi is in a bad position. She can either take firm control of the arrogant socialists and risk alienating those voters or allow them to run free and alienate the vast majority of voters.

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