DEMOCRATS: AOC is a Complete Fraud

The only two things AOC has succeeded in doing since coming to Washington is self-promotion and the ability to find incredibly stupid things to say.

You could add a third accomplishment and that is alienating her fellow Democrats. She has recently been in a pissing contest with Nancy Pelosi, going so far as to hint that Pelosi is a racist.

Recently, the same Democrats who were defending her and the other Axis of Evil freshmen, now find themselves using worse language about her than any conservative has used. (Mostly because we are too busy laughing at her.)

From The Blaze

Freshman Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to Washington to chew gum and make friends. And she’s all out of… well, friends, it seems. Actually maybe she came to D.C. to chew the scenery, because her scene-stealing act gets cornier and more over the top every day. Which is maybe why those “Friends” of hers — you know, her own party — think she’s a fraud.

This is not a minor fight over policy, either. Despite attempts to downplay when confronted, it’s a fairly direct assault. AOC has tried to have her cake and eat it, too, downplaying the fight as a creation of Republicans who don’t understand diversity of opinion in one’s party. But apparently fellow Democrats aren’t so easily fooled. Or mollified.

“She is a complete fraud,” said a “senior” Democratic source to Fox News for their report.

Fox quotes another source, whom they describe as a “senior lawmaker, who is black,” who said that the suggestion by AOC of racial insensitivity or even racism on the part of Pelosi is “”so inappropriate.”

“Her peers do not take her seriously,” Fox quotes that same source as saying. “They think it is absurd to call the speaker racist. Offensive and absurd.”

The source also told Fox that AOC is “a nobody who has “no power,” and is “not worth the speaker’s brainpower.”