Democratic Committee Chair That is Demanding Trump’s Tax Returns Has Refused to Release His Own

“House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal, who has demanded President Donald Trump release his tax returns says that he has released his tax returns in the past, but that is a total lie. The press on multiple occasions have asked for his tax returns and he has refused every time, making him a hypocrite and a corrupt public official.

He is demanding six years of tax returns from the president. If this were a real investigation, they would have reasonable cause for getting their slimy hands on the returns, but all they have is 20 or 30 theories of what might be in there. What this really is is a fishing trip, with them hoping to find something incriminating or something they can twist to make it appear as a crime.

From The Conservative Tribune

Daily Caller reported Thursday. “But according to previous reports, Neal had not released these documents when previously asked.”

“Neal himself, however, has not released his own tax returns when the press requested them. He previously claimed early last month, according to The Washington Times, that he would release his own returns ‘down the road,’ but his returns have yet to surface. Chairman Neal’s office did not respond to the Caller’s request for comment.”

According to Fox News, Rep. Neal, a Massachusetts Democrat, formally made the request in a letter to the IRS on Wednesday.

Neal asked for six years of tax returns from the president, from 2013 to 2018, including information regarding whether there were audits and what the status of those audits was.

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