Democratic Candidates Told To Lie About Sanctuary Cities and Open Borders

Even the Democrats realize that a large majority of voters are against sanctuary cities and open borders. That is why they are telling their candidates to play down the threats to jobs and American’s safety and to change the subject just as quickly as they can.

Except in the dark blue districts and the Koch wing of the Republican party does anyone want to flood the United States with wage depressing cheap foreign labor. But Democrats are being warned not to say so in public as it would kill their chances of being elected.

The New York Times reported:

The strategy, in play in a growing number of races, may be working. As a tight battle for control of Congress enters its closing weeks, Democrats have found that in politically competitive states, particularly ones that Mr. Trump carried in 2016, the attacks can easily turn crucial voting blocs against Democrats.

“Sanctuary attacks pack a punch,” says a four-page memorandum, prepared by the liberal Center for American Progress and the centrist think tank Third Way, that has been shared at about a dozen briefings for Democrats in recent weeks. The New York Times obtained a copy of the memo, whose findings are based on interviews and surveys conducted over the summer.

Many of the Republican attacks use misleading language and employ overblown claims about the dangers of immigrants. But the fear-based appeal demonstrates how Mr. Trump has overcome months of negative headlines about his hard-edge immigration policies to make the issue a potentially profitable one as Republicans try to preserve their slim Senate majority and defy projections that they will lose the House.

Democrats, the strategists who prepared the memo advised, could neutralize the attacks if they responded head-on. But they should spend “as little time as possible” talking about immigration itself, and instead pivot to more fruitful issues for Democrats like health care and taxation.

But, Democrats are used to lying about what they want to do. After all, if the voters know what they truly want to do, they would never control either house of Congress or the White House.