Democrat Communications Director Gets Slap On The Wrist After Republican-Guillotine Remark

Minnesota welcomes you sign at the state border

William Davis, communications director for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, (Socialist Democrats in English) has been given just a week suspension for suggesting all Republicans be killed on the guillotines the day after election day. Murder of conservatives must be a misdemeanor in Minnesota.

There had been a calendar put out that led all the way to election day and then Davis remarked “11.7 Bring them to the guillotines.”  party affiliation tops hate speech in Minnesota as long as it’s a Democrat. The state party blew the entire thing off as a joke among friends. Who are the friends? Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Ho Chi Minh?

From The Conservative Tribune

Perhaps members of the far left are infatuated with guillotines and decapitation because it reminds them of the French Revolution, the violent socialist spasm of the late 18th century that changed the history of Europe — and killed thousands of innocent people.

In his statement, Day also called the comments “unacceptable” and offered his apology.

“The comment made my (sic) William Davis on social media this weekend was unacceptable. The DFL offers its apologies and assurance that these types of remarks by our employees are not the way we conduct our business,” Day said.

If the comments were so “unacceptable,” you would expect that Davis might lose his job.

Nope, he only got a week off without pay.

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