Deep State Panic: Barr’s Pick as Special Prosecutor Moves Full Speed Ahead

If the Deep State was counting on a long slow investigation into their corruption, they will be very disappointed. By all accounts, John Durham, the Special Prosecutor appointed by AG Bill Barr, has hit the ground running and he is delving into many facets of the investigation at the same time.

His first target was the fusion group, put together by CIA chief John Brennan and from appearances, he will be doing future interviews from Club Fed at Ft Leavenworth Prison. Durham has the reputation of being a relentless prosecutor and the Deep State are in a panic between Bill Barr and John Durham.

From Sean Hannity

The US Attorney in charge of the Justice Department’s investigation into the questionable origins of the Russia-Trump collusion probe is reportedly “dialed in” on his quest to “get to the bottom” of the ongoing FISA scandal.

“The Connecticut U.S. attorney assigned by Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the origins of the Russia probe is ‘very dialed in’ and ‘asking all the right questions,’ according to multiple sources familiar with the matter,” reports Fox News.

“Fox News has learned that Durham has been getting briefed on the ‘four corners’ of the investigations into the FBI’s use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants, among other issues. Barr appointed Durham, 68, last month,” adds the article.

Last week, the Attorney General slammed Robert Mueller’s “legal analysis,” saying the special counsel could have reached a conclusion on Obstruction of Justice but chose not to.

“Attorney General Bill Barr said in an interview that aired Friday that he does not agree with ‘a lot of the legal analysis’ inside Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report and said it does ‘not reflect the views’ of the Justice Department, the latest break between President Trump’s attorney general and leader of the Russia probe,” reports Fox News.