DACA Illegals Sue to Get Food Stamps and Green Cards

The open-borders group CASA de Maryland and two DACA illegal aliens are suing the Trump administration to allow them to collect welfare and still get their green cards.

President Trump has implemented a policy whereby illegals and legal migrants must be self-supporting or they cannot get permanent residency.

It should be pointed out that DACA recipients do not actually have legal grounds for protection. Obama had the power to stop their deportations but only as long as he was in office.

No president can offer immigrants benefits not granted by congress. That was already decided in the DAPA case, where the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck the program down for being unconstitutional. SCOTUS will rule on DACA during the next session that begins in October.

From Breitbart News

Two illegal aliens shielded from deportation by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are suing the Trump administration to ensure they can collect federal welfare and still obtain green cards to permanently stay in the United States.

The open borders group CASA de Maryland and two DACA illegal aliens are suing the Trump administration over its soon-t0-be enforcement of the “public charge” rule, which would save American taxpayers billions by effectively ending welfare-dependent legal immigration to the U.S.

The regulation prevents legal immigrants from permanently resettling in the U.S. by obtaining green cards so long as they are found to have used or likely to use welfare programs like food stamps and subsidized health care.

The DACA illegal aliens, represented by Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP), want a preliminary injunction to stop the implementation of the public charge rule while the case goes through the courts, calling an end to welfare-dependent immigration “discriminatory” and suggesting the rule is racist against non-white immigrants.

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