DACA Amnesty Has A Surprisingly HUGE Price Tag!

The Dream Act has an insane price tag! The act, currently being considered by Congress, would instantly give way to more than 3 million aliens to become full-blown citizens of the United States.

This move for the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program would cost us taxpayers $26 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office.

In total, CBO and JCT estimate that changes in direct spending and revenues from enacting S. 1615 would increase budget deficits by $25.9 billion over the 2018-2027 period, boosting on-budget deficits by $30.6 billion and decreasing off-budget deficits by $4.7 billion over that period. Pay-as-you-go procedures apply because enacting the bill would affect direct spending and revenues. [Emphasis added]

This move would require for those tax dollars to pay for nearly 2 million aliens and their path to citizenship — instantly granting them access to federal programs like Medicaid and he Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as well as receiving federal benefits for American colleges, another billion dollars!

CBO also estimates that providing higher education assistance for newly eligible people under S. 1615 would cost $1.0 billion over the 2018-2022 period; such spending would be subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

A recent report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) stated that aliens are costing us $8,075 each per year. Given that, we’re already at $116 billion.


Researchers with FAIR said the finding was both a “disturbing and unsustainable trend,” as the cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers has risen nearly $3 billion since 2013, when illegal immigration cost $113 billion.

According to The Washington Times, “Under the bill, anyone brought to the U.S. as a minor who has worked toward an education and kept a generally clean criminal record could apply for immediate legal status. Most of those would go on to be able to apply for citizenship eventually.”

Of the 3.25 million eligible, about 2 million would actually apply, the CBO said, and 1.6 million of them would earn status over the next decade. Roughly 1 million would go on to become citizens within the decade, allowing them to sponsor other relatives to enter the U.S., analysts predicted.

It seems like the DACA act and the attempt to “fix it” will have even more far-reaching consequences. But wouldn’t you expect that from an Obama-era move? I mean he did practically double the national deficit in a mere 8 years.