Current Pro-Trump Candidate Leah Vukmir is Tanking in Wisconsin After Anti-Trump Past is Revealed

Leah Vukmir is running for the GOP nomination in Wisconsin as a big pro-Trump candidate. But after a tape appeared of her bashing President Trump and calling his supporters as “Trumpkins.” That is a term used by NeverTrumpers.

She had been locked in a tight race with  Kevin Nicholson. The latest poll has them tied at 35-35. But a poll taken after informing voters of Vukmir’s rants against Trump, that has changed dramatically. Besides Vukmir, herself, the four senior-most staffers of her campaign–her campaign manager and directors of communication, finance, and field operations, as well as a fifth senior finance staffer–are devout Never Trumpers. 

From Breitbart News

The video, in addition to showing Vukmir bashing Trump as “offensive to everyone,” including men, women, “little people,” and “fat people,” it shows Vukmir reaching out and holding her nose to act out what it would be like to vote for Donald Trump in November against Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Now, per a GOP firm that has polled the issue in Wisconsin over two days and provided that data to Breitbart News exclusively on condition of anonymity, voters are turning away from Vukmir in droves the more they learn about this. A whopping 54 percent of those surveyed said they were less likely to back Vukmir when they learned about her anti-Trump comments. Only 25 percent said they were more likely to back her, and 21 percent said it made no difference.

So, even though she hates him, she had no problem using him to get support for her campaign.

While the statewide numbers are bad enough for Vukmir, getting outside of Wisconsin’s First U.S. Congressional District–where Speaker Paul Ryan, a supporter of hers represents; her state Senate seat is based; and another supporter, former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus hails from–gets even worse for Vukmir. The polling shows that in Green Bay or Madison, 61 percent are less likely to support Vukmir upon learning of her attacks on Trump, and in La Crosse, 69 percent are less likely to back her. In Wausau, 72 percent are less likely to back Vukmir, and in Milwaukee, there is a plurality less likely to support Vukmir upon learning this.

It will be interesting to see what the next few polls will look like. Will Nicholson pull away for good as they near primary day?