Court Will Hold Hearing on Tuesday Over Prager U Censorship

Dennis Prager has announced that the court will hear arguments in his lawsuit against Google for YouTube censorship.

He will be appearing before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a lawsuit against Google and YouTube over the censorship of PragerU videos on the platform.

Google through YouTube has demonetized Prager U and it has cost him a lot of money for no apparent reason other than he is a conservative.

This case, if won could set the stage for either a change in YouTube or for very many more lawsuits to come.

Cross our fingers.

From Breitbart News

PragerU has faced censorship from YouTube on a number of occasions, with the group’s videos being placed behind age rating warnings and videos discussing the ten commandments being placed under YouTube’s “restricted” mode. During a Senate committee hearing in July, Prager discussed the restricted ten commandment video telling Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): “So — we have a solution, we’ll put up [a video] without ‘thou shalt not murder’ in it. I feel like I’m in a Monty Python skit here, when [a Google executive] says something like that.”

Prager continued: “The only possible explanation for all of this is they don’t like PragerU, because we’re a very, very influential conservative voice touching a lot of lives,” Prager added: “There is no other explanation. If [videos] cannot be seen by any family that restricts pornography and violence, if no school can see it — if no library can show it, that’s a very serious restriction. Especially given that our target audience is young people. So they’re depriving us of the very people that we most want to touch with our message.”

PragerU announced its hearing before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a tweet, stating that the lawsuit pertains to the restriction of over 200 PragerU videos on YouTube