Congressman Introduces Bill to Censor Maxine Waters..Asks for Her Resignation

Here is where the rubber hits the road so to speak. Rep Andy Biggs has introduced a bill that would censure Maxine Waters for her incitement to riot and would ask for but not insist on her resignation. No doubt had this been a Republican who said the same thing about Obama’s cabinet, Democrats and the media would be harping on this non stop. Biggs has already picked up five co sponsors for the bill. Whhat will be interesting is to see if the same Democrats who played CYA by condemning Waters will vote for censure.

What is the punishment of censure?
An order of “Censure” is a formal and public act intended to convey that the person concerned has been guilty of some blameworthy act or omission for which it has been found necessary to award him a formal punishment, and nothing can amount to a “censure” unless it is intended to be such a formal punishment and imposed .
Basically, a censure is like a letter of reprimand.

Earlier on Monday, Former George W. Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer called on Congress to censure Waters.

“There’s enough in this society, you don’t engage in those types of practices. And, Maxine basically denied that she called on people to harass others. No peace, no rest. So she is still sticking by what she has done,” said Fleischer. “The press needs to have a feeding frenzy among the left as they always do on the right. It’s her turn now. Frankly I’m at the point where, if she continues to double down the house ought to take up a motion to censure her. Because this does lead to violence.”

This is really just a slap on the wrist but it’s better than nothing, especially if at least some Democrats join in on the vote.


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