Comey Freaks Out Over Barr and Trump After Spying and Treason is Mentioned

As he gets closer and closer to prison, James Comey’s nerves are unfraying. And it got even worse once the words spying and treason entered the conversation. Little did Comey know when he was rigging the Hillary and Trump investigations that it would come to this but after Trump won the election, they were not able to hide their crimes.

But after AG Barr talked about spying and President Trump described the coup attempt as treason, which it is, Comey has become a bit touchy as he already faces up to 15 years in prison just for the FISA Court fraud but treason will mean he will need a lifetime supply of soap-on-a-rope.

From The Gateway Pundit

Attorney General Barr told FOX News host Bill Hemmer he is having trouble getting answers about the departments spying on the Trump campaign.  Barr added that it is a very unusual situation using opposition research to conduct counterintelligence.

Also on Friday President Trump put the Spygate coup plotters on notice.

The President was very actively tweeting Friday morning and invoked one of his 2016 campaign war cries, “DRAIN THE SWAMP!” and then warning the fired FBI Director, “What happened is that Donald Trump won. Down goes Comey.”