CNN Sympathetically Featured Illegal Alien Avoiding Deportation… 8 Months Later He Kills Father of 5

CNN ran a piece sympathetic to an illegal alien and his attempt to keep from getting caught and being deported.

CNN did not mention that the man had a rap sheet stretching back to 2011 and said he was a simple man who did not deserve to be deported.

Eight months after they ran the piece, he killed a father of five and left the kids without a father.

The illegal, Miguel Ramirez Valiente, has a history of driving drunk and the police have not said whether he was drunk when he went into the next lane and hit and killed Sean Buchanan.

From The Daily Caller

An illegal immigrant who received positive press coverage during his fight against deportation earlier this year struck and killed a father of five in Colorado on Aug. 2 while driving without a license.

According to press reports, Miguel Ramirez Valiente was charged with careless driving with a revoked license after he over-corrected his truck while driving on a state highway near Colorado Springs, hitting Sean Buchanan.

Buchanan was riding a motorcycle when he was hit by Ramirez Valiente, who came to the U.S. from El Salvador 14 years ago.

Ramirez Valiente has several prior charges on his arrest record.

According to Denver’s ABC news affiliate, The Denver Channel, Ramirez Valiente was charged with reckless endangerment in 2011 and domestic violence in 2016. Both cases were dismissed by the El Paso County district attorney.

Last year, Ramirez Valiente’s driver’s license was revoked after he pleaded guilty to a charge of driving under the influence, according to The Denver Channel. His probation for that charge was extended Aug. 1, a day before he hit Buchanan, because he had not finished his community service and therapy for alcoholism.