CNN Panel Gets Triggered Over Terrorists Funding for Omar/Tlaib Israel Trip

The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart and National Review’s Rich Lowry got into a heated argument about Israel and the Palestinians.

This occurred just after the propaganda session press conference held by antisemitic Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

The argument began after Beinart started off by defending the Palestinians and their use of terror attacks.

Basically, he said he was against the use of terrorism but understood why they used it.

He said it is because they are being killed every day.

By whom? Israel only reacts when Hamas tries to crash the border.

They try to force others to join them to increase the death toll.

From The Daily Caller

The debate began as Beinart emotionally defended Palestine. Lowry pointed out that the trip Omar and Tlaib were planning to take to Israel was sponsored by Miftah, a Palestinian organization founded by Hanan Ashrawi. 

Miftah has previously published anti-Semitic texts and material supporting terrorism.

“Why does the organization publish things supporting terrorism?” Lowry asked.

“Rich, I disagree with violent resistance,” Beinart said, continuing, “A lot of Palestinians believe because they are subject to daily violence of a system which denies them basic rights, they have the right to respond violently. I disagree with them…”

“Like killing innocent people?” Lowry shot back.

“But if an African-American who supported violence against the United States under slavery or Jim Crow, that did not excuse their denial of basic rights because I disagree the tactic they were using to resist it,” Beinart said. 

Lowry again pointed out that the organization supported terrorism, to which Beinart responded by claiming that Miftah’s founder, Hanan Ashrawi, “devoted her life as a non-violent activist to opposing oppression.”